Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Reads

A quick update ...

I'm on Good Reads now. If you're there too, let's connect as friends. :) Here's my profile.

I'm still maintaining my Shelfari shelf but I'm over at Good Reads more these days.


Brandy said...

Are those sites hard to manage? I'll be sure to check them out.
Hope you're having a terrific week!

Jace said...

Hey B ... no, those sites are not hard to manage at all. It's very easy to organize books, add comments, tags, etc. I like Good Reads just a little more. :)

Taja said...

Cool. I'm going to friend you! :D

Christine said...

Jace, every now and then I toy with switching over to GoodReads because so many of my book blogging friends are there. Is there a way to import your shelfari list to GoodReads or did you have to enter everything in again? I have a few hundred books already on Shelfari.

Jace said...

Taja: Thanks for friending me. :)

Christine: Yes, you can import your books (from Shelfari) to Good Reads. I did this with my books so I know it works. :) This is how:

* In Shelfari, go to Account Settings.

* Scroll all the way down to Library.

* Click on Download. Save your file. (This will be an Excel file saved to your computer's C-drive.)

* Go to Good Reads. Go to your Book shelf page.

* Scroll all the way down to Import/Export. Click on it and import the Excel file that you've saved. (This will take some time. My list of 500+ books took some 90 minutes to transfer.)

The importing will NOT be perfect. The books will be transferred but their tagging will go haywire. (Example: all my books became "Read".) You'll have to manually reorganize the books into their own categories.

Please let me know if you have further questions. :)

Christine said...

Jace, you are awesome!!! Thank you for those directions! I will definitely use them if I decide to move to GoodReads. Is there any good reason to maintain BOTH? Or are you just doing both until you decide which one to keep? I kind of don't want two online shelves to update... I'm still debating what to do.

Jace said...

You're welcome, Christine. :) I think I will eventually drop Shelfari. There's no point in keeping both, and I do like GR just a little more.

Christine said...

Hi Jace,
I finally joined Goodreads and I'm about to take the plunge and transfer my Shelfari books over to Goodreads but someone warned me that the friendship update can cause trouble because the file is too big? I don't really know what they mean. Any ideas? Did your Goodreads friends have trouble when you imported your Shelfari shelf? Maybe I should have done the import before adding friends. LOL.