Saturday, May 30, 2009

Extended Hiatus

I'm putting this blog on an extended hiatus while I mull some things over.

Thank you, Amy, for saying that I'm missed. You (and anyone who misses me *wink*) can still "see" me over at my craft blog.

Take care, everybody, and happy reading.


Brie said...

Hi Jace, Are you thinking of stopping Jace Scribbles all together?

I had forgotten about your craft blog. *head desk* I'll have to add it to my list of blogs to follow so that I can "see" you more often. :)

Take care!

Brandy said...

Hey, I miss you too! I hope you're okay. Hugs, just because.

Taja said...

Jace, you know I miss you too!

After all, I already have started to hunt you on your craft blog, lol. *g*

That said, I also understand why sometimes it feels the best to put a blog on hiatus. Take all the time you need to mull things over.

Hugs! :)

Frances said...

Jace, you are missed. I've been over to your other blog, but I'm not sure how to wave at you. :-(

Jace said...

Thanks, ladies. :)

Brie:: Yes, I'm thinking of putting this blog in permanent hiatus.

Brandy:: I'm ok ... thanks for your concern. :) Thanks for the hugs too, because I need it right now.

Taja:: And your presence at my other blog is a huge comfort ... it means more to me than you'll ever know.

Frances:: Thank you for stopping here and at the other blog. Thanks for your support.

Janicu said...

Oh poo. Well it's not so bad for me knowing you're still online on Jace Makes! :)

Jace said...

Thanks, Jan. :) And you're welcome to stop by anytime. I've got your blog on my Reader too, so I'm keeping up with your news.

Taja said...

Awwh, thanks! :) *blush*