Sunday, February 15, 2009

Musings And Some New Stuff

I was "talking" to Taja over at her blog about how I'm currently unable to write book commentaries. I sit and stare at both the computer screen and the book, type a few sentences, then stare some more. And I can continue with this ritual for another hour, if I allow myself the luxury. Like I said to Taja, why the heck do I torture myself so? Why do I even have to write book commentaries? Why do I still keep this blog going?

As I grapple with these deep questions, I did discover one thing ... that my crafting creativity doesn't mix with my writing creativity. Nope, they don't like each other. When I start making stuff with my hands, the words stay away. It's as if they are jealous of each other, and I'm caught right in the middle. Oy!

Anyway, I've been rather productive in the crafting department lately. I added these nifty little things to my online shop, and you can view more pics there if you wish. Any wonder why my words ran dry?

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Brandy said...

Your corner bookmarks are absolutely gorgeous!
Commentaries don't always have to be comprehensive. How about "I liked it". *G*

Carolyn Jean said...

I agree, full formal book reviews are a snooze to write a lot of the time. that's why I only talk about usually one little thing or two in a book. You could maybe try that. Or, find a part you want to talk about- even the smell fot he book! - and only go with that. Don't stop your book blog!!

Anonymous said...

Jace, I hope our "talking" didn't make things worse. I would be very sorry about that.

As I said, I think we (general) need to let go of the "have to" idea - the have-to to write reviews about every book read (or any review at all if one doesn't feel like it then) and the have-to to write reviews a certain way. I really like the way Carolyn Jean writes about books, for example. Or Brandy's "I liked it." Why not if it lets you keep the blog going?

I think your point about creativity is interesting. I often feel without words/not like writing when a lot is going on or I'm seriously into something else than reading. By the way, your bookmarks are gorgeous! :)

Last words: Do what you feel like doing/writing. It's your blog. :)

Jace said...

Brandy: Thanks! Glad you like the corner bookmarks. :) I shall strive for short and sweet commentaries. :)

CJ: Thanks for your suggestions. I'll bear them in mind. :)

Taja: No, our "talking" in fact helped me a lot. :D And your encouragement was heartwarming. :)

All your suggestions are very helpful and I do indeed have to think about what I'm going to do with this blog.

One thing's for sure - I'm absolutely NOT going to think about book commentaries - I repeat, not - and maybe the words will come back. LOL

nath said...

They are soooo pretty Jace!!!

Christine said...

Do what makes you happy, Jace. Even if you never write another book review, I hope you at least maintain a blog so I can stalk... err... 'visit you' via the internet.

Love the corner book marks. Very clever! :)

Jace said...

Nath: Thank you very much! :D I've had a lot of fun making them.

Christine: Thanks! :) I'm flattered that you want to stalk ... err ... "visit" me even if I never wrote another book review. :) It's such a pleasure "knowing" you, Christine.

Janicu said...

I sometimes feel the same way you do! It can take me HOURS to write 2 paragraphs and then I'm exhausted. I don't know how some people post so much. Maybe the issue is "thinking too much"? If you notice I'll sometimes try to do a "quick review" where I just mind dump in points what I thought, but even that takes a while.

On the other hand I see certain book reviews that are essentially copying and pasting the blurb and then 2 sentences! And people don't seem to mind.

Jace said...

Jan, you always write such lengthy, insightful reviews, so it comes as a surprise that you did have some writing issues! Thanks for sharing, and it's a comfort to know that I'm not alone in this.

Susan Grant said...
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Susan Grant said...

Trying again. the post had so many typos! :)

Jace, authors get this, too. I suffered with this writing Warlord's Daughter. It was horrible. I wanted to quit writing but I was under contract! But I eventually got thru it. I just wanted you to know how much i have loved your commentaries when you have had the chance to read my books. I have to admit i was sooo looking forward to your wonderful insights re: Mission Christmas, and it was what brought me to visit to day, but my telling you that is like someone urging me to finish my book faster--it sometimes has the opposite effect! You ARE appreciated-- by me, Linnea, and many others out here in blog land because your style is sooo engaging. It WILL come back, if not in review form then some other, equally wonderful outlet. (love your origami)

Jace said...

Hi Susan! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for you kind comments and support. :D

I've just finished WARLORD'S DAUGHTER and I love it. Commentary's coming up in about a week? I want to start writing again - and it's all due to WD, because I can't wait to share my take on it. :D

Oh, MISSION: CHRISTMAS's commentary is just about finished. Should be up today or tomorrow. I apologize for the delay - and blaming it squarely on those pesky WORDS that ran away! :D

Thanks, again, for your time and kind words.