Friday, January 16, 2009

Make Something Cool For Your Kitty

I'm posting this article by Design Sponge here rather than at my craft blog as I know many of my readers have kitties in their lives. *grin* (Heaven forbid that we should call them "pets", right, when they're more like our owners members of our families.)

Anyway, I thought this scratch-pad is cool and it seems easy enough to make. I'm certainly going to try to make one, as soon as I've assembled enough cardboard.

I'm quite sure my old-fuzzy will enjoy having one additional stuff to scratch!


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I don't have a cat, i am wondering if i can use it for anything else?

Carolyn Jean said...

How thoughtful to post this! I will definitely make one of these for my kitties!!!

Janicu said...

Ooo! I shared this on my google reader and forwarded it to my husband as something to make. We get so many boxes, this will be a good use for them other than just the recycling bin.

Christine said...

That is way cool. I want to make one, too!

*wondering if we can insert catnip somewhere between the cardboard to guarantee the kitties scratch this and not the furniture*


Brandy said...

I LOVE THIS! As a matter of fact my fur-babies need a new scratcher and I'll have to give this a try soon! THANKS@

Jace said...

Ladies, I think this scratch pad is a wonderful idea and it was my pleasure to share the article with you. As all of us (kitty slaves) know, it's always good to have a scratch pad around. :D