Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kreativ Blog Award

Brie of Musings Of A Bibliophile gave me this award about two weeks ago. Thank you so much, Brie, for always remembering me. I apologize for the delay in acknowledging this honour, mainly because I had a truly hectic time just prior to Christmas. Also, I didn’t know what six things I should share with all of you that would make interesting reading (since I lead such a boring life).

I don’t know what this award stands for exactly, but the gracious Brie said she finds a lot of comfort in my blog so that’s what I take this award to represent. *wink*

Before I continue, here are the rules that come with this award:

~Mention the blog that gave it to you.
~Comment on their blog to let them know you've posted the award.
~Share 6 values that are important to you.
~Share 6 things you do not support.
~Share the love with 6 other blogging friends.

(I noted that many previous award recipients chose to share 6 other things instead of the ones listed above, and I’m going to follow suit.)

What I’m sharing here are my 6 Most Memorable Reads in 2008. In no particular order…

1. Beauty by Robin McKinley

I’m a sucker for fairy tales and Beauty And The Beast is my favourite of them all. Robin McKinley’s re-telling of that story is absolutely wonderful. I loved the writing – succinct, evocative and gently witty. Because of this book, I bought other Robin McKinley books too.

2. Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Whimsical, magical, heartfelt. I was totally blown away by this gorgeous début. Although it is categorized as a Fiction, it has two touching love stories that are thoroughly satisfying to this romance reader.

3. Moonstruck by Susan Grant

I’ve always thought that Susan Grant’s forte is her superbly-drawn and well-developed characters. Her heroes are just the most gorgeously-drawn and sensitive men. In Moonstruck, she struck a nice balance between superb characterization and action-adventure which made it such an awesome read for me. This is definitely my favourite Susan Grant book.

4. The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

For me, this story is all about Viscount Simon Iddesleigh. Outwardly, he is ostentatious, charming and indolent, complete with a self-deprecating, nonsensical wit. The true essence of the man, though, is dark yet honourable, steadfast and composed. This is the type of hero I like; no wonder he made such a lasting impression.

5. Gabriel’s Ghost by Linnea Sinclair, and its sequel

6. Shades Of Dark

Gabriel’s Ghost was my second Linnea Sinclair book, and I finished it within 24 hours … something that rarely happens to me (since I’m such a slow coach when it comes to reading). It remains to this day my favourite one by her.

I love Sully, Chaz and Ren. These characters are unforgettable and I want to know what will happen to them next. The ending of Shades Of Dark gives no satisfying closure to their story. To my dismay, there is no Sully-Chaz book coming in the near future. I know for a fact that my reading buddies, Kat and Mel, are very disappointed about this too. Perhaps I should get all Sully-Chaz fans together to petition to Bantam … will that persuade them to ask Linnea to write another book on our favourite couple? End of rant.

Still on reading in 2008 … Mel and I were comparing notes on the books we read in the last year and here are the stats:


Read: 250!!! --- this convinces me she’s a speed reader, no matter how much she says otherwise.

5-star rated: 6 --- 4 were Linnea Sinclair books


Read: 58 --- this is piddly-poo compared to Mel’s, but I’m nonetheless quite proud of it. I’d have done much better too if I hadn’t been stuck in a horrific reading slump for two months!

5-star rated: 4 --- 3 were Linnea Sinclair books

Ok, time to pass this award to other bloggers. They are…

1. Brandy of BookMom – for posting every day without fail, and for her 7 adorably hilarious cats

2. Violet of Violet Crush – for the sheer number of books she reads and reviews, and for a look at life in India

3. Janicu of Janicu’s Book Blog – for her detailed reviews on Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and Paranormal books

Let’s see what 6 things you choose to share with us, ladies.


Janicu said...

Hey, reading my blog list and saw this. Thank you! I will be posting 6 things soon. :)

Jace said...

Hey Jan, you saw this before I could inform you. :-D Looking forward to your 6 things. :-D

Brie said...

Great blog choices, Jace. I need to finish reading Games of Command. I want to move on to other Linnea Sinclair books (like the ones you named) but won't until I complete that one.

Brandy said...

I'll be sure to participate within the next two days!
Have you read An Accidental Goddess by Linnea Sinclair? It's the book that made me an instant fan. *G*

Jace said...

Brie: If you need to set Games Of Command aside for now, then don't force yourself to finish it ... you can always go back to it later. I'd recommend An Accidental Goddess (my 3rd fave Linnea Sinclair book) besides Gabriel's Ghost. :-)

Brandy: I've read every LS book except Down Home Zombie Blues. :-) I really liked An Accidental Goddess too ... it ranks 3rd after GG and SOD as my fave LS books. :-)

Anonymous said...

Garden Spells is on my wishlist too.
Thanks for the award, I need to think about 6 things too.

Jace said...

Violet, Garden Spells is wonderful. I have only one complaint - it's too short. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jace,

my visit back. :)

Nice list of books for 2008. Robin McKinley. I've always wanted to read something by her. I thought of Beast) and Sunshine so it's good to know you liked Beast, especially since we seem to have a few favorites (Sinclair, Ivory) in common. And I liked Grant's Contact and always wanted to read more by her. Hmm.

Let me also just say that I think you have a cool blog, too! :)

Jace said...

Hey Taja ... welcome to my blog. :-D Nice to have you drop by.

McKinley - I adore her writing-style. If you read my commentary on Beauty, you'll see snippets from the book and can decide from there whether you'd like her writing. As for Sunshine, I'm thinking of trying it too. :-D

Grant - If you like more action-adventure in SFR (more than what's in Contact) you'll like Moonstruck. :-)

Christine said...

Congrats, Jace! I wholeheartedly agree with Brie--it is very comforting to visit at your blog. I love it here. :)

I'm really loving your list of books, too, Jace. All of those books are on my wish list thanks to you! I've wanted to buy both Moonstruck and all of Linnea Sinclair's books thanks to you! In fact... I feel an amazon order coming on ... it would be the perfect winter pick-me-up, I think. ;)

Jace said...

Hey Christine ... thank you so much. :-) I'd love to read your views on the Susan Grant and Linnea Sinclair books when you get to them. :-)

Janicu said...

OK I posted! Finally! :)