Sunday, January 25, 2009

Aren't these views gorgeous?

I've just came back from a trip to the beach that's about 2 hours' drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur. These are some of the views of the man-made lagoon and sea fronting the hotel that I stayed at. Click on the images for larger views.

View from my room on the 10th floor

Just added ... this is the section of the hotel that looks out to
the lagoon and sea. It's a huge, imposing building and I like staying
here for its airiness and space, not to mention the impressive
view of the sea. *wink*


Christine said...

Okay, so when did you say it would be a good time for me to visit again? LOL! ;)

Seriously, those views of the beach are gorgeous. They ought to be made to postcards. I hope you had a nice trip. :)

Phyl said...

Yes, they are gorgeous. And it looks warm, too. It's so dang cold here. I hate the cold. Definitely sign me green w/ envy.

Carolyn Jean said...

Wow, how beautiful! I bet the hotel was pretty, too! You know I am always fascinated with your life in Malaysia.

Melanie said...

Beautiful! I have some serious jealousy going on here J! I'm so sick of winter and long for spring.

Brandy said...

WOW, those are some gorgeous views! I hope you had a good time!

Jace said...

Christine: If you're ever in my part of the world, I'd be very pleased to show you around. :D Yes, I've had a nice trip. :)

Phyl: It's very hot here at this time of the year. The air's dry too. :( Makes me wish for some snow. ;)

CJ: I added the last photo for you. :D Yes, the hotel is very nice, and the ambience is laid-back and relaxing. I'll strive to share more about my life here. :)

M: I wish I could send some of the sunshine and warmth to you. :) We have TOO MUCH of those here.

Brandy: Yes, I did have a lovely time just doing nothing! LOL I stayed mainly indoors and read. :)

kat said...

I love the photos you posted! If I had a magic wand, I'd wish myself there too in a heartbeat!
hugs k

Amy said...

Oh dear Lord -- I'm so jealous. Those are some gorgeous pictures, Jace! Beautiful hotel! I live an hour from the beach, but ours just doesn't compare to yours... ;-)

And Happy CNY!

Jace said...

K ... if you should ever come here, I'd LOVE to play host and take you to some spectacular beaches.

Amy ... Yes, we do have some very beautiful beaches here, especially at the East Coast and up North. :) This one is just average. :)

kat said...

thanks for your generous offer! I'd love to get back on it one day.

Brie said...

It looks so pretty and relaxing!

Something I've noticed about living on an island is that with being so busy most of the time, I rarely have the opportunity to just kick back and enjoy my surroundings. I sometimes forget that it is truly beautiful where I live. Your pictures make me want to take a mini vacation and do nothing but enjoy the island I live on.

Thanks for sharing, Jace!

Jace said...

Brie, I think you're so fortunate to be living in Hawaii. :) It's a tropical paradise! I agree ... it's so easy to overlook all the beauty when life is so busy. You SHOULD take a mini vacation with your loved ones and just soak in all the gorgeousness! :D