Monday, January 12, 2009

10 Secrets Of Organized Families

Kat, Mel and I were talking about trimming our book stacks and the general de-cluttering and organization of our homes, when by chance, I came across this article at I suppose most of us already know some of these tips ... but I think we can always use a reminder or two sometimes. *grin*

Of my books, I have to trim the 4-stars and 4.5-stars from my "keeper" stack. This is an agonizing exercize, but one that must be done. I live in an apartment and I'm fast running out of storage space for both my son's and my books. (My son is an avid reader and he collects hardcover books - no way are we getting rid of those!)

I resolve to keep only 5-star reads and those that touched me deeply. Everything else has to go. *sniff, sob*


Anonymous said...

oh no..I understand your pain Jace. Even I have very less space left on my shelf, but I have a lot of space in my lofts, so i'll fill them up before thinking of giving away my books. All the best!!!

Jace said...

Thanks, Violet, for sharing the pain. LOL I'm taking my time to go through my stacks and reread some of the good parts. :D

Janicu said...

That sounds painful! I just bought some containers this weekend to move books cluttering my nightstand to under my bed. Under bed storage, gotta love it. If you have space there, I recommend trying to use it..

Brandy said...

I go through my shelves twice a year, at least. I donate to our local library and swap some at the UBS. With book storage you have to be creative. *G* Good luck sorting through yours!

Christine said...

Organized Families?! Where's the fun in that?!

Actually, some of those tips make a lot of sense. And like you said, I already know them. I just don't implement them.

Jace said...

Jan: Thanks for the under-bed storage tip! I do have a bit of space there ... I'll see what kind of containers can go in there. :D

Brandy: I go through my books about twice a year too. I usually list them on BookMooch, an international book trading website. And I give to my sister-in-law the ones I think she'll enjoy. :)

Christine: LOL I agree, no fun at all in being organized. :D But it must be done, at one time or another, for one's own sanity. :D