Friday, November 7, 2008

WINNERS: Book Thongs Giveaway

First of all, a huge THANKS to all of you who participated in this giveaway. Your support means a lot to me. If you don't win this time, please check back occasionally, because I'm quite sure I'll be giving away other "masterpieces" (LOL) in the near future.

I put all your names in the Randomizer and here are the winners:

Violetcrush, Nath, Bianca, Brandy and Raonaid Luckwell ... please email your mailing details to jacescribbles AT yahoo DOT com by Sunday, 9 November 2008. And if you tell me some of your favourite colours, I'll try to make your book thong in one of those colours. *wink*

Thanks again, everyone.


Brandy said...

Congratulations Winners! (Um, that sounded a tad egotistical and wasn't meant to be, btw.)
Are you sure it's okay to mail one here to the US?

I hope you're having a GREAT week!

Jace said...

Brandy, there's absolutely no problem for me to mail the book thong to you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yippie!!! I so fell in love with these. Thank you randomizer and thank you Jace. You are the best :)

I'll shoot you a mail when I go home today.

Amy said...

Congrats, y'all! One day, just one day, I'll be a Winner too! ;0)

bianca said...

Yay! Thank you so much Jace! I'm so excited!!

And congrats to everyone else who won also!