Saturday, November 8, 2008

Much Ado About Colours

I was cooking spaghetti for lunch when the subject of this post came to me. I'm pretty sure the yellow (spaghetti) and red (sauce) had something to do with it. *wink*

I asked the winners of my book thong giveaway to tell me their favourite colours (see the post directly below this one). As each email came in, my smile grew wider. Navy blue. Teal. Lavender. Hot pink. Jewel tones. Aqua. Tangerine. Mauve. If I didn’t already know who they were, I could still tell that the senders were women. *grin*

Why? Because only women will name the colours this way.

Most men have difficulty describing colours and telling the different shades of a colour apart … well, at least ALL the men whom I know do. (I’m sure there are men who know their “royal blue” from their “navy blue” … I just haven’t met them yet.) My hubby doesn’t know what are teal, burgundy, lavender, fuchsia (and many more, I’m sure. LOL)

I used to work in a French cosmetic and fragrance company, and my boss was a Frenchman. The products came in hundreds of colours and names, but to him, red was red, and cerise and rouge fantastique looked the same. LOL What mattered to him was which sold better, and that was the one we had to keep more stock. LOL

Another job, another boss. This one asked me to drive along a certain road and look at a certain billboard so that I would get the colours he couldn’t name/describe. LOL The colours were burgundy and ochre, by the way. *grin*

I’m not poking fun at men and their inability to tell some colours apart and name/describe them. Far from it. I’m just thinking this is one of the fundamental differences between men and women … it’s just the way it is. *grin*

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Have some fun. Take a colour personality test. *grin*

New addition: I found this list of colours at Wikipedia. It's quite comprehensive and I now know the difference between mauve and lilac, and cyan and turquoise. LOL


Carolyn Jean said...

Great post! So funny, and true. Men totally don't know colors. I remember I was listening to some silly radio thing where they were interviewing this genius science guy and this model and asking questions like, What color is Mauve, and the model kicked his butt. I would love to know people's colors like that, but if you asked in a more poll like fashion, you wouldn't get the natural answers you got.

Violet said...

ummm...I cannot differentiate between colors in spite of being a woman. I can differentiate betn basic colors like maroon, blood red, purple, lavender, baby pink, sky blue. But I am not really sure of most of the colors you have mentioned here. May be it is just me :)

Janicu said...

So true so true. Do you know how long it took me to decide the paint in my living room? 6 months. There are too many shades to consider. But I still say my favorite color is "blue" because I love the whole range.

bianca said...

There is a quiz out there where you try to name as many colors as you can in five minutes (or maybe it's 10). I di it and then one of the college boys that works for me did it. Needless to say I got all of the 'oddly named' colors, or more specific colors and he named all of the basics.

Brandy said...

My hubs truly has issues with colors. That's because he's partially color-blind (green/red). I still pick out his clothes. *G*

Have you read Open Season by Linda Howard? The heroine uses Puce as a test to see if a guy is gay. Kid. You. Not. *G* A truly fun book, too.

And according to the personality quiz I am Summer and Autumm personalities. *G*

Jace said...

CJ: According to a poll I read, most men prefer "burgundy" while women prefer "blue". :-) That was a little surprising to me because we usually associate "blue" with boys and "pink" or "red" with girls, right? Granted that "burgundy" isn't "pink" or "red", it does have a reddish tone and men seem to be drawn to that *power* colour. LOL

Violet: The fact that you can differentiate maroon, blood red and purple means that you're a woman. LOL Sometimes we can't put a name on a certain colour but we can *see* the difference. If you go to the list of colours link in my post, you'll have a better idea of what some of the common colours are called. :-)

Janicu: I'm a "blue" girl myself. :-D When I wanted to repaint my living room, I nearly drove hubby mad. I wanted a yellow paint, but couldn't decide on the shade ... I think I deliberated for about 3 weeks. LOL In the end I chose a light cool yellow called Buttermilk. :-D

Bianca: Your college boy is more enlightened than most men I know. LOL My hubby will refer to a colour this say -> the sea colour, or the colour of the dress you wore to mom's dinner. LOL

Brandy: Awwww ... I think we can excuse your hubby for his inability to pick out certain colours.

YES! I've read Open Season at least twice ... it's one of my all-time fave books! LOL I remember "puce" too. LOL

According the colour personality test, I'm Spring and Summer. ;-)

Brie said...

So true! My hubby is color blind and has a hard time distinguishing colors. I have to fold his socks for him or else he'll put on mismatched ones. And now my four year old won't let him pick out her clothes because she says they never match when daddy does it. :)

nath said...

LOL, good post Jace :D Well it's true that men don't seem to differentiate the colors.. but deep down, I'm not sure they really care... pink is pink, red is red and blue is blue for them. I guess that's why they're men :)

Jace said...

Brie: Too funny about your daughter not wanting daddy to pick her clothes. LOL

Nath: I too think they don't really care. LOL

Ann-Kat said...

Too cool. Just took the color personality quiz and it turns out my primary color personality is spring with summer being secondary. Odd since autumn tends to be one of my favorite seasons...but I can see it.

Love the topic by the way. The psychology of color has always appealed to me in some capacity.

And spot on about the men. To date, I've only come across *one* and he was far more trendy than I could ever hope to be. (He's actually one of my best friends and who I turn to when I need color help. LOL)

Jace said...

Ann-Kat, I've always loved colours. I think I enjoy crafting because I love playing with colours. :-) Working in that cosmetic company for close to 7 years just cemented my colour-fixation. LOL

You know, with the rise of the metrosexual men, I believe we have more colour-sensitive men now. :-)