Thursday, November 27, 2008

Michelangelo: La Dotta Mano

The world’s most expensive, most beautiful book has now arrived at the New York Public Library, fresh from publication in Italy.

  • the title means Michelangelo: The Learned Hand
  • filled with photographs of Michelangelo’s drawings and sculptures
  • front cover is made of marble
  • each book weighs 62 pounds
  • each book takes six months to make, by hand
  • comes with a 500-year warranty
  • price tag: more than US$100,000 each

See the marble cover at CNews. More photos and info at The New York Times and International Herald Tribune.


Ann-Kat said...

Oh that is simply gorgeous and jaw-dropping. Of course, it's slightly outside of my budget...maybe in the next year (or 500) I'll add it to my personal library. :D

Happy Turkey Day! Eat, drink, and be merry. But most of all, be thankful.

Brandy said...


Anonymous said...'s gorgeous, a treasure.

Frances said...

Fabulous photographs, Jace!

Mary M. said...

I so don't want to think about the cost of shipping and insuring the thing :-DD But then, if I had the money to buy that book, I'd fly to Italy and bring it back with me in my private plane ;). The pictures are fabulous. But what I like most is definitely the 500 years warranty :-DD It's frustrating enough to have your TV break a few weeks after warranty has expired, it must be nice to think at least such a thing wouldn't happen with the book in your lifetime :D

yasmin said...

Hi Jace
The book is now on display at Starhill Gallery on the Shook stage until the 14th December. FMR gave a copy to Tan Sri Francis Yeoh for his support of the arts and the Petra concert in memory of Pavarotti. It IS an amazing book!

Jace said...

Hey Yasmin ... welcome! And thanks for the tip! I didn't know it's at Starhill!!! *gasp*

marufhosen said...

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