Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Linnea Sinclair's Birthday Bash - Part 2

Linnea really wants YOU to attend her party. She dropped by earlier and left this message for Brandy, a reader of this blog. This message is for YOU too.

Please, Brandy, do come to my party! I know not everyone wants to keep up with a Yahoo Group and my CAN get pretty wild, but it's fine to sub(scribe) in for the party and unsub(scribe) later. I don't mind. I will be giving away T-shirts and totes and coffee mugs and BOOKS, plus we'll have games and (cyber) drinks from our studly bartender, Sin... Would love to have you at the party! (And that goes for anyone reading this). It's tough getting old and I'll be fifty-mumblemumble something... ;-) ~Linnea

Party details are here. See you there!


Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, fun! Thanks for the heads up. Who doesn't love Linnea Sinclair?

Brandy said...

I'll try, I'm already one of her yahoo group members. It's just that Wednesday is so busy here.....but, I will try. *G*

Jace said...

Hey CJ, I look forward to seeing you there. :-D

Brandy, I understand busyness ... just try to drop by and wish her. ;-)

Amy said...

Wish Linnea a happy birthday for me -- I'll be working. *sigh*

Jace said...

Hey Amy ... ok, I wished Linnea "Happy Birthday" for you. ;-)