Friday, September 5, 2008

Immortals: Awakening by Joy Nash

Category: Romance – Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Series: Yes – Book 3 of the Immortals series, but stands on its own

She came to him in a dream: her creamy skin delectably cool, silky raven hair smelling of the sea and ocean-blue eyes reflecting the depths of her passion. She was everything Kalen had been desperate to capture in his art – and in his bed. In reality, when Christine found his remote Scottish castle, it was to persuade the Immortal warrior to help repel the darkness spreading around the world. But Kalen had a vindictive Sidhe trying to steal his powers and a dark secret of his own to battle before he and Christine could give in to … The Awakening.

While researching the IMMORTALS series for my Joy Nash posts earlier, I read the excerpt of this book, was immediately captivated by the narrative, and wheedled convinced my reading buddy Mel to read this with me. (Mel had read the first two books of this series but wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep reading.) Our discussion is further down in this post.

If you are planning on reading this book without first reading Books 1 and 2, I highly recommend that you get a glimpse of the IMMORTALS storyline and characters beforehand.

The hero, 3000-year-old Kalen, is the son of Uni, Queen Goddess of the Etruscans. Due to his failure to fulfill the task Uni entrusted to him 700+ years ago, Kalen lives out his punishment in a remote Scottish castle.

The heroine, 26-year-old Christine, is a human witch and a member of the worldwide network of witches called the Coven of Light. She is entrusted to find the Immortal Warrior Kalen and get his help to save the world from being swallowed up by Death Magic.

Spoiler Alert!

Jace: M, I enjoyed the book quite a bit. Even though I hadn't read the first two books, I could follow the story just fine. All those research I did on the IMMORTALS (for my previous Joy Nash posts) sure helped me understand the whos, whats, whys and hows of the series.

Mel: I liked it too, J. One thing that's nice is that the authors are keeping to the world they have created. It flows right.

Jace: I really liked Kalen and felt so sorry for his torment and uncertainties. He was well drawn and vivid. His cynicism (well, he was 3000 years old) came across realistically, while his abhorrence for modern technology and contemporary ways was somewhat amusing. I definitely cared more for him than I did Christine.

Mel: I liked him more than Christine too. I felt for him always having to hold back because of his mother's punishment.

Jace: Christine was all right. She was likeable, idealistic and rather naive ... I believed in her goodness. I thought she and Kalen matched up quite well.

However, she really pissed me off toward the end - when she ran away from the art gallery; then when Kalen brought her back to the castle to keep her safe, she ran away again. That idealistic fool just got into Kalen and Mac's way and made things worse. She didn't want Kalen to kill, but all she ever done was to leave him with NO CHOICE but to kill, that idiot.

Mel: At the start of the book, I didn't like her. I was worried when she was scrying and all horny. I thought it was going to be one of "those" types of books. She grew on me as the story went on.

Yes, it didn't make a whole lot of sense when she kept jumping into danger, yet didn’t want Kalen to fight.

Jace: I really liked Mac too. Imagine, a 700+ year-old Immortal looking like a 16-year-old kid! His dodging his mother's calls made me smile ... again, a 700+ Immortal being harassed by his mother! I liked his bond with Kalen - their relationship was touching.

Mel: Now Mac makes me want to read the last couple of books in the series to find out what happens to him. His boyishness intrigued me.

Jace: I felt no sympathy for Leanna. She was just awful, same as Culsu. Both were equally depraved and evil. I couldn't help but felt that the author used Leanna and Culsu as the shock factor, i.e. with their outrageous sexual depravity.

Mel: Leanna was icky to the extreme! Those sex scenes between her and Culsu really grossed me out.

Jace: Somehow, I got the feeling that the love + relationship aspect of the story didn't gel/blend with the paranormal side of it. The love + relationship side was well done and touching, while the paranormal side (involving the baddies) was over the top and a bit maniacal. The battles between the good guys and the baddies were mostly a blur for me – with magic zapping everywhere – I didn't have the patience to read word for word.

Mel: One thing that really bugged me was, in the first two book, Tain (another Immortal) was featured much more. In this one, he pretty much showed up near the end and acted all crazy and that was it. In the other books, you’d get a feel for him and he was a big part of the problem with death magic taking over life magic and screwing up the balance.

Jace: My rating is 4 out of 5/Hot. I like it ... it's compelling, a page-turner.

Mel: I gave it a 4/Hot too.


Christine said...

Thanks for the review Jace & Mel. I skimmed the review to avoid spoilers, but think its great that you both give this book a 4.0/5.0. That's a solid grade! :)

Jace said...

Hi Christine :-)

This is the 1st Joy Nash book I read and I was quite impressed. Mel and I have another Nash book to read, The Grail King, and I'm looking forward to it.