Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cat in a bag

I saw Brandy’s post of Fireball in a box and it inspired me to post this one – Furball snuggling down in hubby’s sports bag last night. (Please excuse the poor picture quality – I didn’t switch on the light so as not to spook the jittery and camera-shy fuzzy.)

It’s quite funny to watch, really. The minute we put down a bag – any bag – old fuzzy will unobtrusively make his way inside. And there he will sit and sit and sit. Once or twice, he hid so silent and still that we had no idea he was inside until we lifted the bag. *grin*

Here's the old fuzzy in a pensive mood. No matter how many times I called him, he just won't look at me.


Melanie said...

His face is so cute with the white markings.

Christine said...

I love how cats always want to sit in bags and boxes. Even those that are way too small for them. My favorite is when they sit in the top of a board game box while we're playing. Then they occasionally reach out to swat at the dice. So cute.

Brandy said...

Awww, Furball looks so cute in the bag! Cute pictures, thanks for sharing. Some of our cats like different types of bags. *g* And yeah, boxes, of course! *G*

Jace said...

Mel: The white markings help us identify him. *grin* Furball's colouring is very common - we have two lookalikes running around in the neighbourhood. :-)

Christine: That's the funniest thing - they ALWAYS want to sit in bags and boxes that are too small, with parts of themselves spilling out. LOL

Brandy: If my old fuzzy can't get into a bag, he'd be just as happy sitting ON it. *grin*

Carolyn Jean said...

Look at your cute kitty! Okay, now I don't feel so weird for putting pictures of my cat on my blog. My cat likes bags, too. Actually, so do I.

Jace said...

CJ, I'm a self-confessed "bag lady". LOL