Friday, August 8, 2008

Want to win this book?

USA Today Bestselling Author Joy Nash returns with another installment in Dorchester Publishing's Nationally Bestselling multi-author series, IMMORTALS.

Demigod ManannĂ¡n mac Lir (Mac) is on the trail of Artemis Black, a stunningly dangerous woman who's inexplicably able to intertwine life magic with death magic. For the safety of his people, he should destroy the desperate witch — once he learns her darkest secrets.

Readers of paranormal romance and urban fantasy will enjoy this adventure filled with black magic, nasty demons, hot immortals, dark humor, steamy sex, and a heart-thumping descent into a modern version of Dante's Hell. Available September 30, 2008.

In conjunction with the impending release of her new book, Immortals: The Crossing (6th book in the Immortals series), Joy Nash and Dorchester have organized a massive event – 50 Days, 50 Books Giveaway – which essentially gives you 50 chances of winning this book!

Go to Joy Nash’s website NOW to enter the contest. You’ll find all the relevant details there.

Check out this list for participating websites/blogs and the specific contest dates.

I'll be hosting this giveaway here on August 25.

Have fun and good luck!


Raonaid said...

Ooooh my! My eyes literally lit up when I seen this. I absolutely, positively LOVE the Immortal series.

Joy Nash said...

Thank you so much, raonaid!!! And I know Jennifer and Robin thank you, too :-)

Joy Nash

Jace said...

Raonaid, I hope you'll win a copy. :-)

Jace said...

Joy, thanks for popping by!

Raonaid said...

Aww, thanks Joy! and Thanks Jace!

The first book, that was enough to hook me. I just had to get all the books and devoured it.

When I heard there was going to be more, you can say I was doing the happy dance.

They characters were so easy to love! Even the side characters!

Even if I don't win, I most definitely will be getting this book and books when they are released!