Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The other on-going cross-stitch project

This is the design chart, i.e. what the finished product is supposed to look like ...

and this is what I've stitched so far *blushes* ...

top left quadrant

another view - stretched and lashed onto the embroidery frame

I just realized I posted thrice in one day! A new record for me. *grin*


Christine said...

Hi Jace!
I haven't stopped by in a while and was just skimming through some of your older posts. When I saw this one, I just had to comment. I started cross stitching after college and would stitch during my lunch hour and evenings in front of the TV. I met a woman about my age at work who stitched too and we used to trade pattern booklets and go to stitch shops together. We had so much fun. I was an avid stitcher until my first baby was born-that was 13 years ago! I did a few projects here and there but never got the fever back. The last project I worked on was a wedding sampler I was making for my husband and me for our 10 year anniversary. I never finished it and our 15 year anniversary is this week!!! Ack!

You've inspired me to make an effort to start stitching again! :)

So how's your project going?

Jace said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :-)

I started stitching about 24 years ago. I hadn't been stitching consistently throughout those years either - a small project here and there when I felt like it - but I've always thought that once a stitcher, always a stitcher. :-) It's in the blood and a stitcher cannot abandon her needles and threads so easily. :-)

It's difficult to find time to stitch when there are so many books to read! LOL Blogging takes up a fair bit of time too.

I think most of us need the encouragement of other stitchers to keep stitching (and finishing our projects!). My reading buddy, Mel, is a cross-stitcher too and we've been encouraging each other to stitch a bit everyday.

I'm very happy that you're inspired to stitch again! :-D Do post your work-in-progress on your blog ... we'll encourage and inspire each other to keep stitching. :-)

Christine said...

I guess I started stitching about 18 years ago. Although I haven't stitched much in the last 10 years or so, I think you're right about a stitcher not being able to abandon her needle and thread so easily. I always figured I'd go back to it.

I might try to post something tomorrow. :)

Jace said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your project ... the unfinished wedding anniversary one, perhaps? ;-)

Christine said...

You're so smart! Yes... I just posted a cross stitch post. Send in reinforcements! I think I'm going to need a good strong push now and then to keep up. Like you said, it's difficult to find the time to stitch when we like to read and blog so much, too!