Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joy Nash's 50 Days, 50 Books Giveaway --- Part 2

I had the pleasure and privilege of asking Joy Nash a few questions relating to the IMMORTALS series. (As I am incessantly curious about the creative aspect and the writing process of a story, my questions were inevitably skewed toward that end.)

Please join me in welcoming Joy.

Jace: How did the idea of writing this series come about? Whose idea was it?

Joy: The lovely and mega-talented Jennifer Ashley conceived the premise for the series and pitched it to Dorchester. At the time, Dorchester was interested in developing more multi-author series after the success of their previous Crimson City and 2176 series.

Jace: How did you, Jennifer and Robin get together for this project? Did Dorchester put you together? Or did the three of you plan it amongst yourselves?

Joy: After Jennifer’s pitch was accepted at Dorchester, Robin Popp and I were approached by our Dorchester editors and invited to participate. I was chosen for a proposed Celtic book for the IMMORTALS series because of my Celtic paranormal historical books for Dorchester, the Druids of Avalon series. I remember the call vividly, as when my cell phone rang, it was the day after my mother had died of pancreatic cancer. I was with my brothers and sister at the funeral home, and we were just finishing the sad task of making the arrangements. My editor’s call was a bright spot in a dark day.

Jace: Can you tell the readers a bit about the planning and writing process – such as who would write which character, and which story? What about achieving a cohesive tone and feel across all the books - how did you all manage that?

Joy: Jennifer had submitted a synopsis for the first book in the series with her pitch, and a brief, tentative sketch of the next two books, which Robin and I were to write. The locations and paranormal elements were set – New York City and vampires for Robin’s book, and Scotland and Celtic Sidhe for my book. The heroes were to be one of the Immortal brothers, and the heroines were to be human witches, members of the international Coven of Light. Each witch had to somehow enlist the help of her Immortal in the fight to save the world. That set-up aside, the specific characters and plot of each book was up to the author.

The most challenging aspect of writing a paranormal series was doing the worldbuilding. The three of us brainstormed online, setting up the rules of magic of the Immortal worlds. One of the coolest ideas we brainstormed together was the concept that each Immortal warrior had a different aspect of the Mother Goddess as his mother, and each had different paranormal weapons and abilities. We also jointly decided to have each of the four heroine’s power come from a different basic element – earth, fire, water, air. While doing our rough drafts, not only did we have to constantly consult about various magical elements, rules, and abilities, but since much of the first four books took place simultaneously, we had to work off a master timeline! Our editor at Dorchester, Leah Hultenschmidt, deserves huge kudos for coordinating the books and making sure the stories matched in tone and that there were no logical inconsistencies across the four books.

The second round of books coming out this fall are not so tightly tied together as the first four were. They are more stand-alone books, with popular secondary characters from the first books in the spotlight.

Jace: Any other details that you would like to share with the readers?

Joy: Only that Jennifer, Robin, and I have been blown away by the reader response to the series. We’d like to thank all the readers who bought and loved the first four books – they are directly responsible for the continuation of the series this year. The IMMORTALS MySpace site has about a bajillion friends! Please stop by and say hi!

Thanks very much, Joy, for your time. I wish you, Jennifer and Robin continued success, not only with the IMMORTALS series, but with your own books as well.

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Rebekah (the_littleminx) said...

I still haven't had the pleasure of reading your books, but this series sounds so good. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us more about what goes on behind the scenes of your books. :)

littleminx at cox dot net

Christine said...

I think its so exciting that several authors can come together to create a cohesive and successful series like The Immortals. Of course, I say that based on what I read on the internet and hear from friends. lol I do want to read this series, though. Maybe I need to win the first book somewhere.... lol

Raonaid Luckwell said...

I really liked how Ashley, Popp and Nash came together to do one series. I would really like to see more authors come together and do this. To me, it allowed me to read three new authors, get a feel for their writing styles.

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