Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Book Binge Contest - I Showed You Mine, Now You Shomi Yours

Here’s another contest that’s worth your while to take part in (got to love the title *grin*):

Who/organizer: Book Binge

What: Highlighting Shomi books, which is Dorchester’s new line of speculative romance novels. The fantastic prize is a haul of 7 Shomi books!

How: Leave a comment at Book Binge, telling them what Shomi books you’ve read or want to read in the future, and why. If you have a website/blog, write about this event, answer the question, and leave a link (to your blog) at Book Binge.

When: From now until midnight of 30 August 2008.

Proviso: This contest is open to US and Canada residents only.

Update: The contest is now open to readers worldwide.

Here’s my entry:

The Shomi books I’ve read are…

The Shomi books I’d like to read in the future…

… because I enjoy reading speculative romances, where anything is possible. Also because I truly admire the authors’ creativity in crafting entertaining stories out of the unknown, limited only by their imagination.

And not to forget, because Book Binge did such a great job highlighting all those Shomi books!


Holly said...

Thanks Jace! I'm really loving the Shomi titles I've read so far. I'm glad I've been able to share that with all of you. :P

Jace said...

You're welcome. Eventhough I'm not eligible to enter, I still think this is a great contest. :-)

Holly said...

Sorry Jace, there was some confusion about who was able to enter the contest last night, but it's all cleared up today and good news..you're totally eligible. :0)

Good luck!

Jace said...

That's wonderful. Thanks, Holly. :-)

Carolyn Jean said...

These look great And Try Wired! It's so excellent!

Jace said...

CJ, I want to try Wired, Moongazer and Time Transit too! I read some recent Razor Girl reviews which sound really good. I need to order them in as my bookstore doesn't carry many Shomi titles.