Tuesday, August 12, 2008

July Book Blowout Challenge

I saw this challenge over at Janicu's and thought I'd participate and see how many books I can read in July. (Based on past dismal performance, I'd be lucky to get in 6.)

The rules are simple:

1. Read as many books as you can between July 1 and 31.

2. By August 7, post a list of all the books you've read on your blog. Reviews are not required.

I've read one book so far - Unleashed by C. J. Barry. Commentary's coming up.


These are the books I read for this challenge:

1. Unleashed by C. J. Barry

2. Storm Front by Jim Butcher

3. Unmasked by C. J. Barry

4. Moonstruck by Susan Grant

5. Nightkeepers by Jessica Andersen

Partial reads:

1. A "work-in-progress" ---> 10 chapters

2. Heartmate by Robin D. Owens ---> 4 chapters - it was a wonderful read but I wasn't in the right mood for it so I'm keeping it for later

3. Your Planet Or Mine by Susan Grant ---> 13 chapters

All in all, I think I've done quite well for the month. *grin*


My friend, Bianca, accepted this challenge too and when I got her list this morning, my first thought was "oh, maaaaan ...". Take a look and see what I mean.

1. The Accidental Werewolf - Dakota Cassidy

2. Under Darkness - Savannah Russe

3. Dark Needs at Night's Edge - Kresley Cole *

4. The Trouble With Valentine's Day - Rachel Gibson

5. Darkness Everlasting - Alexandra Ivy

6. True Confessions - Rachel Gibson

7. All Souls' Night - Jennifer Armintrout

8. Wolf Tales 3 - Kate Douglas

9. Darkest Night - Gena Showalter

10. Darkest Kiss - Gena Showalter

11. Darkest Pleasure - Gena Showalter

12. Arousing Suspicions - Marianne Stillings

13. Satisfaction - Marianne Stillings

14. Into The Shadow - Christina Dodd

15. Thigh High - Christina Dodd

16. Son of the Shadows - Nancy Holder

17. Dark Desires - Kresley Cole *

Just how do you do it, Bianca? All you reading machines out there, just how do you do it?

Uh, my earlier statement about me having done quite well in July ... totally scrap that.

* Does the author/her editor/her publisher truly think people can remember these titles from hell?


bianca said...

Cool! I'm in! I read too many books a week as it is!

Jace said...

Bianca, great! I look forward to your list come August 7. :-D

I'm doing quite deplorably, as usual. As of today (July 10) I've only read 1 complete book + 10 chapters of another!!! *wail*

I have to do better, I know. Or else I'll have nothing to post!

bianca said...

I need to get my list in. This week has been a little crazy. I'll try to get it in ASAP!