Saturday, July 26, 2008

For The Love Of The Writing Paper

I was talking to my reading buddy Lisa the other day about our mutual affection for the writing paper (she calls it stationery). That got me pondering.

My fixation with the writing paper stems from my love for writing in the old-fashioned way. I’m a pen-and-paper kind of girl through and through. While I rely on the expediency of modern technology and gadgets for fuss-free and speedy communication, from time to time I still like to break out my fountain pen and writing paper.

I used to hoard writing paper that were just too gorgeous to use. I’m older (and hopefully wiser) now … I don’t hoard things any more. Life is meant to be lived, and nice things are meant to be enjoyed … NOW.

Which brings me to the writing paper/notepads I’m currently using. Take a look and tell me what you think.

By John Sands, New Zealand

Comes with its own envelopes

I bought these on my last trip to Australia

My latest acquisitions

Sakura ... Japanese cherry blossoms

Beatrix Potter's The World Of Peter Rabbit

I just realized that I seem to prefer whimsical illustrations. *grin*


Laura Herbertson said...

I found weddingpaperdivas when I was searching for invitations to use. A bit expensive, but very nice stuff. My matron of honor bought the shower invites and thank you notes from here. Even though they are wedding oriented, you can still appreciate the pretty stationery.

Brie said...

I have horrible handwriting so I rarely write out letters. I'm thinking that I should take a writing class to improve it. Anyway, the stationary is very pretty, I really like the Beatrix Potter one. I read Peter Rabbit stories to my girls at night.

Melanie said...

J, you have such a nice paper collection. I think actual letter writing is becoming a lost art with email being so much quicker. I always enjoy it so much whenever you send me something and there's a nice hand written note inside on some of your pretty paper.

kat said...

oh my, I'm really sharing your fixation on paper. Unfortunately I'm still in a hoarding stage of this sickness. I just can't stop myself to buy beautiful paper or notebooks and then. I never use them, because I think that everything, I have to say, is much too shallow to write it down on such a paper-beauty.
thanks for the photos.

Jace said...

Laura, thanks for the link! I popped in for a look ... gorgeous designs! I'm sure your shower invites and thank you notes were lovely. :-)

Jace said...

Brie, if you want to improve your handwriting, I'm sure you can do it ... where there's a will, there's a way. :-)

I have a book to practise my cursive handwriting with - not that I practise much anymore - too lazy. LOL It's meant for kids who want to improve their cursive writing, and I find the basic instructions and exercises helpful.

I have a set of Beatrix Potter books which I still read from time to time, or simply just to enjoy the lovely illustrations. :-)

Jace said...

M, I'm honestly trying to cut down on buying so many different paper all at once. I'm making myself finish what I have first. ;-)

I tend to agree with you that letter writing is becoming a lost art. Personally, I feel there's a certain romanticism and nostalgia in writing the old-fashioned way, be it letter writing or journal/diary entries or note-taking, etc.

Jace said...

K. LOL Hoarding is a sickness, I tell you. LOL I've been there, so I understand. ;-)

I just tell myself that, if I don't use all the lovely paper, they'll just turn yellow with time and that'd be a total waste! So why not derive pleasure from using it, and let the recipients of your letters and notes enjoy them too? :-)

Lisa said...

Jace are you ready to have a laugh?! I bought the same Australian animals paper on the dark background "for my son" ;) and my sister sent my son the Winnie Pooh and Tigger notepad (lol!) I like the Jemima Puddle Duck one. I have some stationery paper that has lace cut-outs all around the edges and some pretty aerogrammes with cute covers. Nice collection from one fellow hoarder to another (LOL!)

Amy said...

John, my sweetie, is a HUGE believer in writing letters. He's done his utmost best to bring it back into style and regularly sends and receives letters with many people. Me, I'm an electron-o-phile and rarely write notes. I'll send little notecards every once in a while, so my collection of cutesy-tootsey notecards is a bit larger.

Love the Beatrix Potter stationary!

Jace said...

Lisa, just fancy that?! We bought the same Australian notepad! LOL

I swear, in my old age, I'm going back in time ... at least in my preference for illustrated writing paper. LOL I used to fancy grown-up designs, no kidding. LOL

Jace said...

Amy, you can tell your John that he's not alone in championing this worthy cause. LOL Letter-writers UNITE!!!