Monday, July 7, 2008

Eve Silver's HIS WICKED SINS Pre-release Contest

*** This contest is now closed ***

In conjunction with the August release of Eve’s latest historical gothic, His Wicked Sins, I’m pleased to host this contest for her.

How it works…

1. Choose one category listed below.

2. In “Comments” at the end of this post, indicate the category you’ve chosen and answer the question. That’s it … you’re done.

Category A

if you have read at least one of Eve’s historical gothics

Question: Who is your favourite hero from Eve's historical gothics, and why.

Category B

if you have not read any of Eve’s historical gothics

Question: Name the two books Eve wrote under the pseudonym Eve Kenin.

(*hint* You can find the answers here.)

The prizes…

Category A

Two winners will each receive a signed copy of His Wicked Sins.

Category B

Two winners will each receive a signed copy of His Dark Kiss.

And from me, each winner will receive a bookmark.

Duration of contest…

From 7 July to 14 July 2008, midnight.

We follow the date and time of this blog, which is GMT +8 hours. Check the current blog date and time here.

Announcement of winners…

Eve will pick the winning entries and the winners will be announced here on 16 July 2008. Check for the announcement at my homepage.

Winners have to email me their details by 20 July 2008, otherwise their prizes will be forfeited and Eve will choose another winner.

Other details…

1. Winners to choose which bookmark they want.
2. This contest is open to readers worldwide.
3. You may submit as many entries as you like, but you may win only one prize.
4. Eve’s decision on the winners is final. Appeals on this matter will not be entertained.
5. The book prizes will be sent to the winners by Eve, while the bookmarks will be sent by me.
6. If you have any questions, you can email me: 0r_et_argent AT yahoo DOT com.

Have fun and good luck.


Raonaid said...

Who is your favourite hero from Eve's historical gothics, and why.

Since I've only been able to find two of her historicals and read them, I would have to choose Aiden from DARK PRINCE.

The why? I can never resist a hero with a tortured past, and despite his need for vengenance against the one responsible he could not let an innocent get hurt.

I liked how you sort of figured he was tortured but didn't find out the full truth of it until the ending.

Why Eve's an automatic buy for me

lillie_80 said...

Cat B

ydsddd said...

Category B
Driven and Hidden

Maered said...

Cat B -Hidden and Driven.

Cynthya said...

I have Dark Prince but haven't had a chance to read it yet, so I'll have to answer Category B: Hidden and Driven.

JOYE said...

I chose Category B

cas2ajs said...

I'm entering under Category B. The answers are Driven and Hidden.

paradislot said...

Haven't had the pleasure to read any of Eve's books, I just bought Dark Prince and will be reading it shortly. So I have to choose Category B. The answers are Hidden and Driven.

Virginia said...

Cat B

I have never read any of Eve's historical gothics. I have read Driven and Demon Kiss.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big speculative fiction reader, so I'm in category B: her first book as Eve Kenin was Driven and her next book is Hidden.

Mona said...

Category B:
The two books are Hidden and Driven.

tetewa said...

Category B : Driven and Hidden I have a copy of both, I've read Hidden and loved it. I still have to read Hidden.

Lisa said...

Category B
Driven and Hidden

Laura Herbertson said...

Category B


PS. I loved Driven! Anyone who hasn't read it should pick up a copy.

kat said...

Cat B

Driven and Hidden.

I loved both books and I'm looking forward to read your historicals which are already in my TBR.

Pollyanna said...

I choose Category B. Her two books are Driven and Hidden. I would also like the red bookmark if I win!

mary taylor said...

cat.B Hidden and Driven

Melanie said...

Category A

I would have to say Dr. Damien Cole from Dark Desires is my favourite of Eve's historical heros. For one he's blonde and that's so unusal for a gothic. But what really won me over was the scene when Darcie is scrubbing the walkway in front of his house, it's cold outside and Damien brings her a shawl to put on....sigh

That moment spoke so much of his character, that he would be concerned with the welfare of a maid.

CrystalGB said...
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CrystalGB said...

Dr. Damien Cole is my favorite. He is a complicated man who has enduring characteristics.

barbbe4024 said...

To books that I just bought and is one of the questions is Driven and Hidden. Never read any of her books before but looking forward to reading then this week. I read fast and read a lot so always looking for good books. Can't wait to get started on these two.. or for the next one coming out His Wicked Sins, now that sounds like a good one!

rafael said...

Category B

Driven and Hidden.
I've read Driven and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to reading Hidden now.

Raven99 said...

Category B
Hidden and Driven

Minna said...

Category B
Driven and Hidden

Cathy said...

Catagory A

The Dark Kiss was the first book that I read, and I loved the story, and the subtle humor of Anthony Craven.

Martha said...

Category B

Driven and Hidden

Jill D. said...

Hi Jace,

I choose category B and the answer is Hidden and Driven.

RachaelfromNJ said...

Category B: Hidden and Driven

bianca said...

Category B, please:


snulfers said...

Category B
Driven and Hidden

Jenine said...

Catagory B - Hidden and Drivin

Jenine said...

Ooops spelled that wrong. I couldn't remember my google ID and then got all mixed up *sigh*

Anyway - the response should be:

Catagory B - Hidden and Driven.

Linda said...

Category B

The answers are: HIDDEN and DRIVEN.


Jace said...

*** This contest is now closed. Any entries received after this point are automatically disqualified. ***