Wednesday, June 4, 2008

True Deception by Patricia Waddell

A man who lives for revenge and a woman who clings to hope. Together they fight a common enemy … and discover a passion neither one had dreamed could exist.

Aedon Rawn’s world died the day his wife and child were murdered by Conglomerate pirates. Now, his only reason for living is to avenge their deaths. The Directorate gives him that opportunity when he’s selected to become their first undercover agent. His mission: infiltrate and destroy the oppressive government of an outer-region colony.

Kala Char’ari is a woman in need of a miracle. She’s dedicated her life to freeing her people, but they’re on the edge of extinction. Risking everything, she dares to trust a dark stranger with the hardened heart of a warrior.


An overview and the world-building…

Jace: I thought story was pretty average, from the writing to the plot.

What surprised me was how similar the planet Hachyn was to earth. From the slums of Melgarr to the Everest-like Moviash Mountains, they were familiar places here on earth. Even Aedon’s home planet Korcia, the lush and humid tropical paradise, felt like the current environment I’m living in. In this way, the world-building didn’t impress me.

Kat: I had much the same opinion as you. As you know, I've read the first book in the series, True Blood, about Gavriel and Danna, where the author put a lot of time into explaining the politics that world, hence the world-building. I thought she would use that basis in the latter books, but she didn't. This book was a complete stand-alone.

Mel: I agree with both of you. This book was nothing special and frankly, I skimmed a lot of it. I did manage to read the first book in the series and found it kind of ho-hum as well.

The plot and characters…

Jace: Aedon and Kala as lead characters were pretty distant ones. I can’t say that I felt much for them. Kala, especially, was underwhelming as the second-in-command rebel leader. I didn’t believe for one second that she had what it takes to lead. As a follower (i.e. following Aedon’s instructions) … yes; as Eiven Jein’s successor … no. I also felt that her drawn-out pissed off attitude regarding Aedon’s secrets was somewhat juvenile. Look, she said she trusted him with her life and the lives of her comrade, but the man had some secrets – so let the man keeps them until he’s ready to spill. No point harping about it and getting pissed off over and over again.

Kat: I didn't care for Aedon and Kala. She was too young, too weak and as you said, too juvenile for a leader. I couldn't see the attraction between Kala and Aedon at all. Aedon was a so-so character. I thought both were poorly developed. I was slightly bored by the whole story and honestly, a few days after reading it, I couldn't remember most of what happened.

Mel: I didn't think Kala or Aedon were interesting characters and the plot itself didn't grab me. There wasn't enough world-building. Like J said, the setting was very similar to earth. This book could have easily taken place on our own planet. When I read sci-fi, I want more world-building and elements that are different from our familiar ones.

The conclusion and rating…

Jace: The whole story just didn’t draw me in. It was fast-paced and readable, sure, just wasn’t affecting. My rating is 3/Warm.

Kat: It felt a little slow-paced to me. I'm sure I won't continue with this series. It was a completely forgettable read and my rating is 3/Warm.

Mel: I don't think I'll be buying another book by this author. My rating is 3/Warm.

My rating3
Sensuality ratingWarm


Kristie (J) said...

I'm sorry this one didn't work. I read the first one and really enjoyed it. I have this one sitting on the ever growing TBR pile and by the sounds of your review, no reason to move it up any higher *sigh*

Jace said...

Kristie, since you've enjoyed the 1st book, perhaps you'll like this more than us?

I really wanted to like Waddell's writing, as I'm looking for alternative SFR authors to read while waiting for Linnea Sinclair's next book. I'm trying out a few - reviews coming soon. ;)