Friday, June 27, 2008

Linnea Sinclair - Shades Of Dark Weekend Buzz

The Book Smugglers are tying-up with Katie(babs) of Ramblings On Romance for a joint-review on Shades Of Dark. Read their reviews now.

The Book Smugglers will be interviewing Linnea tomorrow and you can win a copy of Shades Of Dark, so don’t miss that.

All of us are in a flurry over Shades Of Dark, and in the spirit of things, I trawled the web and fished out more reviews. *wink*

Alternative Worlds

Ebookisle – scroll to center of page

Enduring Romance

Front Street Reviews

Kathy’s Review

Reading Social – scroll to center of page

Are you psyched up for Shades Of Dark yet? *grin*


Katie(babs) said...

Thanks Jace!
You were the first review I read of Shades of Dark that made me so excited to read this book :D

Jace said...

You're most welcome, Katie. :)