Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lover Enshrined by J. R. Ward

I know many readers are searching for early reviews on this book, so I thought I'd share the following links with you.

Two links from Mary M. Thanks, Mary!

Publishers Weekly (scroll to the last quarter of the page)

Love Vampires (beware of spoilers!)

Romance Junkies

Night Owl Romance

Ramblings On Romance, etc.

Enchanting Reviews

Darque Reviews

Cupid's Chokehold

Two more links, courtesy of Mary M.

Fresh Fiction

Alternative Worlds

Dear Author NEW

I'll keep adding more links as I find them, so do check back.

Cheers, and happy reading!


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Jace said...

Thank you for your kind comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi! You might be interested in knowing that Publishers weekly's review of LEn is also out! Link here:

Scroll down to the last quarter of the page.

Mary M.

Anonymous said...

Oh and here's another. Spoiler in this one:

Mary M.

Jace said...

Mary, thanks for the links! :)

Katie(babs) said...

Jace, I should have my review of LE up by next weekend. Shameless plug from me :)

Jace said...

Katie, I'm looking forward to your review ... can't wait to put up its link here. ;)

Brie said...

Thanks Jace.

I'm a little worried about this book. Even the good reviews aren't settling my fears about it.

Katie, I'm not so patiently waiting on your review.

Jace said...

Brie, I think I'm not going to read this book. The way the story is heading (urban fantasy), it's not my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Jace!

Mary M.

Noelia said...

Hi Jace, thank for posting the reviews links. And I totally agree with you...if she keeps going into urban fantasy...well... here is another one that would be quite dissapointed...not only because of the romance being secondary, but the bad decision of the author to change the series main is like turning your back to your readers...romance readers, because someone who likes urban fantasy wouldn't go and read the first four books of the BDB. But well...she is the writer...

Katie(babs) said...

Thanks Jace, you are awesome :D

Jace said...

Noelia, welcome! :D

I used to consider myself a BDB fan, and thought that I would stay with the series at least until Tohr's story (when all 6 original brothers' stories are told).

But Ward started to lose me at Book 4 (Butch's) where things got a little weird. IMO Butch's and Marissa's love story was the weakest, up to that point.

V's story left me heartbroken. He was/is my favourite brother, so I had high hopes for his story. I thought many plot elements were quite ridiculous. Most of all, I thought Jane was an unsuitable partner for him.

The Scribe Virgin, the Omega and the Lessers drove me nuts. My nickname for SV is "Ward's magic wand". :)

After reading all the early reviews on Phury's story, I'm quite certain I won't like the direction the BDB storyline is moving to. More of the SV, Omega and Lessers ... yikes! I think it's time to withdraw myself from this world.

Obviously, Ward is the author and she has the sole right to take her stories the direction she wants them to go. If she feels that it's the UF readership she wants to capture, so be it.

And you're right - romance readers (like myself) who had enjoyed the heartfelt romances and the vivid characters of the first 4 books will feel offended, if not betrayed. ;)

Jace said...

Katie, you're most welcome. :)

Brie said...

I'm right there with you, Jace. I'm not against UF but I think that if Ward wanted to write for UF she should have come up with a new set of characters and placed them in a UF world specifically.

To take characters that readers already feel attached to, and have been patiently looking forward to their HEA stories then give those characters second rate romances, so that she can advance the world ... I don't know, I think that it is a slap in the face (of sorts) to the readers.

I'm not sure if I will continue with the BDB series. I will have to read LEn and see how I react to it before I know, but as of now I'm disappointed with the direction this series is going.

Jace said...

To take characters that readers already feel attached to, and have been patiently looking forward to their HEA stories then give those characters second rate romances, so that she can advance the world ... I don't know, I think that it is a slap in the face (of sorts) to the readers.

Brie, you took the words right out of my mouth. :D

What Ward did to Phury (the hooker episode) in LU was slipshod, IMO. It was uncalled for, and should have been done with more care.

Also, I can't, for the life of me, see Phury with Cormia. Oh well ... just as well I've given up on this series. One thing less to get riled up over! :D

kat said...

To take characters that readers already feel attached to, and have been patiently looking forward to their HEA stories then give those characters second rate romances, so that she can advance the world ... I don't know, I think that it is a slap in the face (of sorts) to the readers.

Thank you very much, Brie!
I feel the same way and I couldn't express it any better.
sure, WARD has a right to artistic freedom and I respect that, but this is business too, and we, as readers, are paying for her books. without any readers, her books are useless.

Mary M. said...
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Mary M. said...

Hi Jace, here are other reviews for your list:

Jace said...

Mary, you're a gem! Thanks so much! :D

Mary M. said...

My pleasure! I can't help looking for reviews of LEn because I want some reassurance that it's good, yet I don't want spoilers so I barely look at those reviews. At least this way they're of use to someone :-D.

Jace said...

Mary, that's the darnest thing, isn't it? LOL You can't help searching for reviews, yet you don't want to know too much. LOL

I don't mind spoilers at all, because I usually forget about them by the time I get my hands on the books! :D (New books reach my country about 4 to 6 weeks after the US release dates).

Mary M. said...

As you say, darndest thing. Especially since those BDB spoilers refuse to let me forget them. My mind plays them in a loop again and again and again, poking and prodding and speculating until the bloody book finally arrives. Which it did this morning. Yet I cannot read it because I'm already half dead, finish working late tonight and have an appointment early tomorrow morning. *wails* I hope you get your copy soon! I know people in Australia, Hong-Kong and UK already got theirs, so maybe you will too! :-D

Jace said...

Mary, no such luck of books arriving early in this part of the world. The only time I would get a new book the same time with the rest of the world was when a new Harry Potter was released!

BTW, I've given up on the BDB series, so I won't be reading LEn. After reading all those reviews, I'm quite sure I will not like how the series is going.

Mary M. said...

:-S See, that's exactly why I didn't read those reviews. I'm telling myself the effect of surprise will work in my favor, at least. JR is usually good at developping charactes and her writing is one of the most compelling I've ever seen so I'm reading LEn anyway and hoping there's something to enjoy. If not...I'll see about the future books.

And I just saw you were in KL. Great place, but yeah, a little far from the US. Too bad you can find a bootleg DVDs of a movie on Petaling the day said movie is released in theatres, but there is no such thing as early books.

Jace said...

Mary, I agree that Ward's writing is engaging, but I don't like how her original main characters are being sidelined. Phury was one of my faves, together with V ... V got a raw deal as far as his personal story is concerned, and looks like Phury is being relegated to the secondary role in HIS OWN BOOK!!!

Too true about the bootleg DVDs and new books. *grin* I'm happy that I do get the latest books, albeit a few weeks later. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jace!! I finished Phury's book. I feel it was written better than V's , however, it was lacking. For instance, I felt it was lacking...the main characters. Really, Ward placed every character under the sun into Phury's story, except for Phury and his mate. They spent so little time together. When they were around one another, the interaction was awkward and difficult to read. I felt terrible for Cormia. She was more like a caregiver to Phury . There was very little love between them, except at the very end of the book.

I am well aware of Phury's addiction problem. As I was reading, I had to wondered if Ward focused on other characters, due to his downward spiral (I don't want to give too much away). I believe she did an excellent job portraying his struggle with addiction. Although, the wizard thing was too much for me.

Sorry this is soooo long, but I didn't like that she began to add random characters into the book all of a sudden, and a character that only members of her message board would already be aware of. To nonmembers, I feel they may be very lost. The abbreviations and tough guy language is beginning to become redundant. There were too many grammatical errors as well (and this is coming from someone who makes a lot of them, lol).

Conclusion, it was an interesting read, but I think this is the last book I will buy of Ward. I believe I will start using the library. This book plays out like a soap opera. It was all over the place. If fans want to know more about John, Blay, Qhuin, Rhev, the Lessers, and other people, then this book is for them. I hope the next book is better. ~ Sarah

Jace said...

Hi, Sarah! So nice of you to drop by and share your views. :-D

I'm glad that I decided not to read this book. As you know, Phury is one of my favourite brothers (along with V) and him not getting the spotlight in his own book would surely break my heart.

Thanks for your great input. Do drop by again soon. :-)

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