Monday, March 10, 2008

Meme: Four Things

I was tagged by Kristie. Here goes ... *wink*

4 Jobs I've Had

  • Receptionist
  • Secretary
  • Executive Secretary
  • Personal Assistant
    (talk about climbing up the corporate ladder! LOL)

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over

  • Star Wars
  • Lord Of The Rings
  • Harry Potter
  • Beauty And The Beast (Disney’s animated movie)

4 Places I've Lived

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    (born and bred here, moved a few times but always within KL)

4 Shows I Watch

  • House
  • Crime Scene Investigation (original)
  • Project Runway
  • Amazing Race

4 Places I've Been

  • Turkey
  • USA
  • Jordan
  • Australia

4 Things I Love To Eat

  • Chocolate with macadamia nuts
  • Dim Sum
  • Pizza – chicken with pineapple topping
  • Mango

4 Places I'd Rather Be

  • Book store
  • Beach, watching the waves or reading under a tree
  • Starbucks, reading a book (sipping coffee, of course)
  • Craft store

4 Things I Look Forward To

  • The next trip to the beach
  • Reading a great book
  • More time to cross-stitch
  • The next Harry Potter movie

To carry on the tradition, I hereby tag my dear Brie and Jill. *snickers*


Kristie (J) said...

How's that for nice of me - I tag you and then I seem to disappear!
That pizza sure sounds good! I love Hawaiian pizza and with chicken added it sounds even better!
And I'm with you on Lord of the Rings! I love that movie.

Jace said...

Hey Kristie, no worries! I know you've had lots on your plate lately.

LOTR - oh, how I wish there were more installments to come! I heard that they may be doing The Hobbit ... or was I only dreaming? ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Well - first I heard they were going to - then I heard they weren't. Then I heard it was back on again - so hopefully it will get made! There won't be any Aragon though *sad sigh*

Brie said...

Chocolate and macadamia nuts are plentiful in Hawaii, they are also very good!

Jace said...

Kristie, yes, LOTR or any installment related to it won't be the same without Aragon. My favourite character, though, is Gandalf. :)

Jace said...

Brie, that brand "Hawaiian Host" is very good but also very expensive here. :(