Friday, February 15, 2008

AAR Annual Reader Poll 2007 (Part 3 & Final)

Here are my final choices. *whew*

* Best Romance
* Best Heroine
* Best Couple
* Best Paranormal

* Favourite Funny
* Most Luscious Romance
* Best Hero
* Best European Historical

* Most Tortured Hero
* Strongest Heroine
* Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Futuristic

* Best Villain
* Best Romantic Suspense

* Best Buried Treasure
* Best Cabin/Road Romance

* Author Most Glommed

* Most Disappointing Romance
* Least Believable HEA

* Best Series/Category


nath said...

Very nice list :)

Jill D. said...

Way to go Jace! It's funny, out of all your picks I have only read two of them; Shadow Lover and Lover Unbound. I glommed Anne Stuart like crazy last year. My favorite of her's is Nightfall which started the glom. Also, I just recently got the first two books from Awakening series. I will be starting on that soon.

Kristie (J) said...

heh heh! I picked Driven for the same categories. I also picked it for favourite heroine and best kick ass heroine. And I think best villan too.

Jace said...

Nath : Thanks! :D

Jill : Oh, another Stuart fan! Yay! :D How many of her books have you collected so far? I think I have about 15? Nightfall is in my TBR pile - I'd love to read it soon!

I hope you'll like the Awakening series. I've really enjoyed them. The 1st book may come across as similar to BDB, but give it a chance ... the tone of the stories and the expansion of plots get better with each subsequent book.

Kristie : You love Driven don't you? I can tell. LOL If I hadn't read GoC, I'd have voted it for more categories too. I'm really looking forward to its sequel, Hidden, which according to Eve Silver, is going to be more complex. *grin*

Jill D. said...

Jace, I tagged you for a Meme... I hope you participate :)

By the way, you have to move Nightfall up in the TBR pile. Oh it is soooo good.

Brie said...

I completely agree with Lover Unbound. It was very disappointing and the HEA was unbelievable and unsatisfying.

I haven't read any of Books by JR Ward under Jessica Bird, but I see you have it as a best series. Are they good?

Jace said...

Jill : Yes, I'm pleased to participate in my very first Meme. What does the word mean? Is it a short form of another word?

I'm waiting for my reading buddy to get her copy of Nightfall to read together. I can't wait!

Brie : I'm disillusioned about BDB at this point. I was disappointed with Lover Revealed, but was heartbroken over how bad Lover Unbound was, and it was V's story too!

I've read only two Jessica Bird books ... A Man In A Million and Billionaire Next Door. I rated both 4-stars, but Man In A Million is a little better IMO. The hero is Spike, a distant cousin of Z and Phury! *grin* I've commented on these books, if you're interested. :)