Friday, January 11, 2008

Falling Angel by Anne Stuart

In order to love, he had to become a stranger …

Money. It was all Emerson Wyatt MacVey lived for. Ruthless and demanding, the womanizing corporate raider hadn’t thought twice about destroying the tiny backwater town of Angel Falls, Minnesota – or about ruining Carrie Alexander’s life.

But suddenly – in the blink of an eye – Emerson received the gift of a second chance at love. He became his own alter ego – sexy, raven-haired Gabriel Falconi. And on a windswept, snowy Thanksgiving night, he arrived in Angel Falls and on Carrie’s doorstep.

Without divulging his identity, could Emerson – the new Emerson – right his wrongs and claim the one woman he should have loved?

At 250 pages long, this is a quick and uncomplicated read. It is a story of redemption … a man’s second chance to right some of the wrongs he had done in his cold and calculated previous life. And in the process, perhaps he can experience love.

Emerson died of a heart attack at the ripe old age of thirty-two. For seventeen months, he is stuck in a limbo … between heaven and “the other place”. He is sent back to earth to make things right for three people, and if he succeeds, he will proceed to heaven.

Emerson comes back as Gabriel. And totally dominates the story. He is the nicest Anne Stuart hero I have met so far. He does have that cool and tough edge, with a kind and tender side lurking not far underneath.

Carrie is a paragon of virtue. She quickly becomes boring and irritating.

The secondary cast of characters are entertaining. I especially enjoyed Augusta, Emerson/Gabriel’s angel-guide (for want of a better word). She is as unlike an angel as I could imagine – frightening eyes that look right through you, sharp-tongued with a sour disposition. And I find her a hoot. *grin*

This is a highly readable story, if you could get past being irritated by Carrie. It is because of her that I cannot rate this story higher.

My rating3
Sensuality ratingSubtle


Kristie (J) said...

Is this one a regular MM book or a Harlequin? I don't think I've read and that's odd because I thought I'd read pretty much all of her books!

Jace said...

Hi Kristie,

This is a Harlequin American Romance No. 513. I found it at a book rental store.

As you know, I'm currently hunting down all her books and I keep my eyes peeled wherever I go! *grin*

I managed to get 2 books from BookMooch - To Love A Dark Lord and Lord Of Danger. I also got Crazy Like A Fox recently.