Friday, January 18, 2008

AAR Annual Reader Poll 2007 (Part 1)

It's that time again, folks. Time to vote for your favourite romance titles of 2007.

Dutifully, as a conscientious romance reader should, I looked at my list and *gasp* I had read only 17 titles which are eligible for this poll! After all those books I read this year, it's only a pathetic 17!

Then I looked at my TBR list. Yup. I have 16 titles lurking in there.

So my current mission is to read as many of the 16 as I can, before the submission deadline of 17 February 2008.

I urge you to vote as well. Have your say. It's fun too. *grin* Pop over to AAR for more details.



Jill D. said...

Hi Jace,

I also want to participate in AAR 2007 poll. I read a total of 73 books that were published last year. Even though I read that many books, I still am having trouble deciding who to vote for in a few of the categories. I also have a couple books in my TBR pile that I want to try and read before the polls close as well. Have you looked at some of the interim results? I am always surprised at what some people will vote for.

Jace said...

Hi, Jill ... a big welcome!

73 books!!! Oh, wow! I can imagine the headache you must be having, trying to narrow down your choices!

Yes, I've looked at the interim results. "One man's meat is another man's poison" is all I can say regarding some of the titles voted for. *grin*

On another note, I tried to leave a comment on your blog two days ago, but was unsuccessful. It kept asking me to enter the "word verification" shown, which was not displayed. I saw that someone managed to leave a comment, so I wasn't sure if it was a problem at my end, or a blog setting. Anyway, I just thought to let you know, in case there are other people having the same problem too.

Jill D. said...

Oh drats. That just figures. My knowledge of websites is very limited right now. You know I was at another bloggers website earlier today and hers was doing the same thing. Maybe it is a problem. I will see if I can remove the word verification. I notice that your site doesn't have that in order to leave a comment.

Today was my first time visiting your site and it is very nicely done. I'm sure I will be visiting often!

Jace said...

Jill, the setting I selected for comments is "Anyone". I didn't set any restriction in order to make it easy for visitors to leave comments. I figured, if someone leaves a nasty or offensive comment, I can always delete it. Perhaps you may want to look at your comment setting too.

I'm glad you've enjoyed your visit here. You're always welcome here.

Shyan said...

When's your Part 2 coming out? LOL

Jace said...

Soon! At least before February 17. LOL