Friday, November 16, 2007

Dark Prince by Eve Silver

Book Description

Fallen angel…
Along the barren, rocky coast of Pentreath in Cornwall, a woman’s battered body washes ashore, and the whispers begin: Nowhere is safe. For evil has come to Pentreath…and to the uneasy shadows of Trevisham House…

Tempting devil…
Fate has brought Jane Heatherington to work at Trevisham House. She knows what they say about the estate’s brooding new master, Aidan Warrick: a man of mystery, a pirate, a smuggler, and worse. He may look like a fallen angel, but everything about him suggests he is in league with the devil himself…and Jane has seen nothing to suggest otherwise…

…Or twisted madman?
Cut off from family and friends, Jane’s only companion is a man she dare not trust, who disappears into the night, whose secrets are many, and who looks at her with a hunger she both fears and desires. Now, as danger haunts the coast and a terrible retribution is unleashed, Jane wonders if she is falling for the dark prince of her dreams…or a heartless madman who preys on the innocent…

This is the 3rd gothic by the up-and-coming Eve Silver, and I was really looking forward to it, since I’ve enjoyed her first two stories. However, the early reviews weren’t encouraging and that dampened my enthusiasm, so it sat on my TBR hill for almost 3 months. And since I’m knuckling down to my TBR Hill Challenge, this is the first book I chose to tackle.

The 1st chapter was a torture. I regret the bluntness, but it almost made me gave up reading altogether. The prose was a drag, and it meandered on and on over the same things…mainly Jane’s unfortunate circumstances. The story was from Jane’s point of view, and frankly, I was irritated by her incessant internal monologue, which carried on throughout the book. By page 86, I decided to ignore her, for my own sanity, and read the book for Aidan.

While Aidan was quite the proper gothic hero in term of his looks and his personal vendetta against Jane’s father, he lacked the brooding darkness and ruthless edge that would make him a memorable character. In spite of his dangerous reputation and unsavoury past, he was just too nice, especially to Jane.

The story started out with the gothic feel, but ended up a weak historical whodunit. The love story between Jane and Aidan was not well-developed. I couldn’t accept that Aidan was so good to Jane, the daughter of his enemy, no matter what the author told me. The numerous secondary characters were inconsequential, thus forgettable.

I was disappointed with this story. I had come to expect a meaty yarn from the author, much in the same standard as her first two gothics, but this one paled significantly in comparison.

My rating is 2.5 out of 5. It's problematic - may struggle to finish. Sensuality rating: Warm

TBR Hill Challenge: 1 down, 9 to go

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