Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Damned by Lisa Childs

Book Description

Their only shot at salvation was each other…

Police officer Ty McIntyre was cursed to find a girl no one had seen in twenty years. And it was his job to save her from the dark forces swirling around her. He found her locked away in a psychiatric hospital, where she thought she was losing her mind. Born a witch, Irina Cooper was able to read other people’s thoughts. She had never known the source of her power, or her true heritage – until now.

Irina could read Ty’s true intentions and sense his deepest desires. But with a witch killer seeking to destroy the Cooper legacy, could these ill-fated souls embrace Irina’s gift and end her family’s curse? And beyond that, would they be able to save each other?

Firstly, be aware that this is the third story of the Witch Hunt trilogy. If you are interested in this story, do yourself the favour of reading the first two stories before attempting to read this one (unlike me). Then, perhaps you will have a better grasp of the storyline, and even like it more than me.

This story clearly continues from the previous one. Characters from the previous stories, such as Irina’s sisters, their other halves and the villain, all make an appearance in this installment. Ty, the hero, most certainly had appeared in the previous stories as well.

I read up to page 110 and decided that’s it…that's as far as I would read. My biggest problem with this story is the prose. It is stilted and uninspired, with very little nuance. Let me give you two examples:

Page 31 --- But no one believed her. If they had, they wouldn't have brought her here. To a psychiatric ward. She'd been in one before, but she hadn't been strapped down to a bed as she was now. She'd been an intern, not an inpatient. Committed.

Page 83 --- His throat moved as he swallowed hard, then asked, "Can you really read my mind?" She nodded. His breath audibly caught. "And I can't shut you out?" As he had everyone else? Even his best friend? She shook her head. "No." He sighed, a ragged expulsion of air. "Damn." He had more to fear from her than Donovan Roarke. "I won't hurt you," she assured him. At least not intentionally. But why would he worry about her when he wasn't concerned about a man intent on killing him? Obviously his secrets were more important to him than his life.

Ty and Irina have to overcome their respective wretched past, and their emotional turmoil should have stirred my emotions, but I didn’t feel very much for either of them. They are these remote characters that I read about but felt very little involvement with.

The story feels depressing. I expected dark, and I like dark. But this is misery and it just got to me.

I’m sorry that I didn’t like it more.

My rating is 2 out of 5. It's problematic - did not finish. Sensuality: Warm+


Shyan said...

Thank goodness I read your review before buying this book! Saved me RM20.

Jace said...

Shyan, glad to be of help. *g* There are plenty of better ones to spend your money on.