Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Master Of Blacktower by Barbara Michaels

Spoilers Alert!

Book Description

Damaris Gordon shuddered at the thought of working for the cruel and bitter Master of Blacktower—but her father's death left her no choice. Suddenly her fate—her life itself—was in the black silk-gloved hands of Gavin Hamilton, a man scarred and tortured by an unspoken past, whose mocking laughter echoes through his ancient Scottish estate. Damaris has heard the whispers that accuse Gavin Hamilton of his wife's death and his young daughter's crippling injury. But the pain and sadness barely hidden behind his blazing dark stare touch Damaris deeply—and a courageous heart is luring her to the estate's topmost tower in search of his dangerous secrets.

This is a true-blue gothic romance, written in the classic style of the genre. First-person narration in the heroine’s point-of-view. A disfigured, mercurial and unpredictable hero who fights his growing attraction and love for the heroine. A beautiful, intelligent and brave heroine who is willing to trust and love in spite of secrecies and uncertainties.

A cast of well-portrayed secondary characters provide red herrings that add to the mystery, tension and drama.

The gothic mood and atmosphere, as well as the sense of place, are wonderfully evocative. The crumbling, remote and forbidding Blacktower estate and its surrounding area come alive under the masterful pen of the author.

First published in 1966, the overall prose may be a little sedate and sparse for today’s readers. The author sometimes utilizes one or two sentences to evoke emotions or explain behaviours; it is moments like these when I want a little more details in order to fully immerse into the scenes.

All in all, this is a gothic romance that I do recommend to fans of the genre.

My rating4
Sensuality ratingKisses

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