Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sleeping Beauty by Judith Ivory


First and foremost, I am a Judith Ivory fan. I have read all her books, except Angel In A Red Dress. This book, Sleeping Beauty, was the first Ivory book that I read 8+ years ago, and it remains to this day, my favorite one by her.

The story took place in 1870s London. Coco Wild met Sir James Stoker by chance in a dentist’s office. They met again at various other places and James, besotted with her, tried to pursue a relationship. Coco, older than James by 7 years, had a past and she couldn’t allow him to besmirch and jeopardize his brilliant future because of her.

For me, this story was all about Coco Wild. I loved her. She chose to be a courtesan in order to survive, and she accepted the repercussions and had no regrets. She was strong, stoic, compassionate and had a gentle way about her. She was also very beautiful. She tried to discourage James’ affection, all for his own good, in spite of being very attracted to him. When they finally started a relationship, sparks flew and the air sizzled.

James Stoker was a handsome, charming, golden knight in shining armour. He just returned from Africa, was knighted and his future was very bright indeed. But he would throw it all away for Coco…that was how he managed to win her heart.

The author painted a vivid background of London, Cambridge and the French countryside. And she masterfully weaved a tale filled with complex, multi-faceted and engaging characters. Coco and James’ happily-ever-after, as with all true love, didn’t come easily – the author turned and twisted some plots to make it all interesting – and when they finally could be together, it was oh so good, and they truly deserved it.

Conclusion: A very satisfying and touching read. A keeper.

5 out of 5. I love it. It's phenomenal - in a class by itself. Sensuality: Hot

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