Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hex And The Single Girl by Valerie Frankel

Spoilers Alert!

Do you think that access to magical powers would help your love life? Who doesn’t?

Which is where good witch Emma Hutch comes in. By day, she’s just your average, stylish girl about town. By night, she puts her witchy ways to the best possible use, casting spells to match Manhattan ladies to the men of their dreams – for a small fee, of course.

In fact, she’s so good at her job that business is booming. The only snag is her own love life, which is distinctly lacking in sparkle. But when Emma is hired to match the city’s most eligible bachelor with an evil scheming socialite, suddenly her supernatural work ethic is put to the test. And just maybe it’s time to break the rules and turn a little magic onto herself…

I bought this book on an impulse, as the book seemed light-hearted and fun. The fact that I had never read a Valerie Frankel book before was no deterrent. So I settled in and began to read.

The book began well, witty, nicely paced. Emma came across as a likeable, modern girl who was just trying to make her way in the world, with a little help from her supportive best friend, Victor. I really enjoyed their friendship and their very funny exchanges – this was, for me, the highlight of the book.

Then more characters were introduced. And things began to get manic. So many different plots fought for space. Ok, the main plot was Emma using her special powers to help women get their men – matching current customer Daphne with William. Then came the embezzlement. Jeff and Susan. Marcie. Victor and his lady. Hoffman and Susan. The guy in the park. Armand. Emma and William. The most irritating plots by far was the hapless Hoffman needing Emma’s rescuing time and again. And Susan who wouldn’t get over the scumbag Jeff. However, everything tied up neatly in the end, with no stones unturned.

I got the feeling that the author was cramping all the ideas that she liked into the story. The result was a manic, action-packed comedy of errors, in which character development was compromised. All the characters were larger than life. Emma’s love interest, William, came across as bland and I didn’t like him too much. Their romance took a backseat to make way for the other plots.

Conclusion: I guess this story would appeal more to someone who enjoys chick-lit. It was witty, fast-paced and good fun…just not something that I would normally read.

My rating3
Sensuality ratingSubtle


Anonymous said...

I completely agree - I also wish there had been more "hex." I also thought that the love interest male character, William, seems like a real jerk most of the time. It doesnt make sense why she is into him, as it seems like most of the time he is a player. Also the sweating parts were just gross. I wish there had been more character development and more explanation about her "hex" power.

Saloni said...

I like thwe way you write.. its easy to read and I actually enjoy knowing ur openion on something because unlike many reviewers, you dont just brush the book away, abuse it inside out ending it with 'dont waste ur money it was bloody idiotic'... hence, reading your reviews just gives the person another way of looking at the book.. I personaly liked the book but reading ur review made me rethink and even tho I still like it, I agree of the compromising of characters and the fact that there were just too many of them... You should read 'the wish list' by melanie la'brooy - which is also a chick-lit but a more light hearted fun time reading sort of book, and its so hard to take your hands off of it once youv started reading! :)

p.s. keep blogging! I think I'll enjoy reading ur views further. :)

Jace said...

Thank you, Anonymous and Saloni, for your kind comments.

It is feedback like yours that encourage me to keep posting my reviews.