Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Movie

Spoilers Alert!

And so, the movie is finally here, some 1-week-plus before the last book is unleashed worldwide.

I watched the movie at the theatre on Saturday night. The seats were almost all occupied. I looked around – to see the kind of crowd that would watch a Harry Potter movie – it was a good mix of people, ranging from pre-teens to retirees. Such was the draw and appeal of Harry Potter.

I am not reviewing the movie here – just my take on it. I’ve enjoyed each and every one of the previous movies, and I’ve enjoyed this one too.

The movie was dark and spooky. It began with two Dementors running loose in the Dursley neighbourhood, setting the tone for the rest of the movie. I like dark (not horror) movies, so I was very happy.

It was nice to see how much Harry, Ron and Hermione had matured. The kiss between Harry and Cho that everyone was going on about, well, that was ok. Personally, I thought Cho was lacklustre – I kept thinking, “Show some fire, girl!” The attraction between Ron and Hermione was detectable, and it would be interesting to see how it would develop later.

The scene-stealers were undoubtedly Sirius Black, Dolores Umbridge and Luna Lovegood. I totally loved what Gary Oldman did with Sirius. One review said, “…he intensely glides around the headquarters of the Order Of The Phoenix like a hip rock god.” I wholeheartedly agree!

Gary Oldman as Sirius Black

Imelda Staunton was so convincing as the evil yet entrancing Dolores Umbridge that when she got her comeuppance, one would clap and cheer!

Evanna Lynch personified the ethereal Luna Lovegood, with the perfect blend of quirkiness and likeability. I loved the special bond that developed between Harry and her.

The last battle scene was stupendous. Voldemort got more screen time and of course, Ralph Fiennes was perfect as always.

One of the scenes that took my breath away was when Harry and gang got into the Department of Mysteries. The huge room was pitch black, with the only light coming from the towering rows of glittering glass orbs.

Inside the Department Of Mysteries

I came away with a wondrous feeling, as I always did with a Harry Potter movie. However, I felt that the movie did not capture the most important issue of the book, that is, the prophecy that Voldemort was so desperate to get his hands on. Instead, the emphasis was on Dolores Umbridges' takeover of Hogwarts and Sirius’ death. That, for me, was less satisfying because it diluted the very essence of the book.

(all pictures courtesy of Yahoo! Movies)

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