Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chocolate For A Lover's Heart by Kay Allenbaugh

Discover A Love As Sweet As Chocolate!

The power of love – it can move mountains, make our dreams come true, and comfort us on the darkest of days. Whether we’re in a relationship with a special partner, in search of a perfect soulmate, or touched by this precious feeling when we least expect it, we’ve all fallen under its spell. Chocolate for a Lover’s Heart is for any woman who has given in to love in its many guises – tender and innocent, passion-filled and complex, endless and everlasting, courageous and healing.

Kay Allenbaugh, the creator of the Chocolate series, is a writer and speaker who is known as “The Caretaker of Stories for Women of the World”. For this book, she compiled 50 short, real-life stories, all of them written by and for women.

These are the outstanding ones which touched me:

Message Received by Michele Wallace – Her first fiancé died five years ago. Presently, she was engaged to be married, but still felt the pain, grief and guilt. She asked that he would send her a sign so that she knew he approved of her moving on. He did.

A Gift Beyond Time by Ursula Bacon – Her mother-in-law left a precious gift, which was undiscovered until much later, after her death.

My Counselor by Denise Allen Jakob – She adopted a cocker spaniel which brought richness into her life, and changed it for good.

Predicting The Future by Nancy Kiernan – She traded a high-stress, successful career for a low-tech, simple life. And met a man who was definitely “not her type”. Turned out he was exactly the type of partner she needed.

The Tip Of The Pirate’s Blade by Kyla Merwin – When her friend, lover and soul mate committed suicide, she had to pick up the pieces of her life.

My Accidental Lover by Sue-Ellen Welfonder – She fell in love at first sight with the tall handsome German; was badly hurt in a horrendous car accident, which gave her the gift of time to win his heart.

The Dance Of Love by Lola Gillebaard – A humourous account of a happy life based on this four-sentence contract: I promise to love you; I promise to like you; I promise to laugh with you; I promise to leave you alone.

When Hayward Met Sherry by Sherry Gipson – Her coworker secretly loved her through her first marriage, three children and divorce.

Meant To Be by Carole Bellacera – She almost let the fear of differences destroy her happily-ever-after.

For The Love Of Teddy by Robin Ryan – She had to let her beloved Welsh terrier go, due to her allergy to dogs. The family he was going to needed him more, so it was a bitter-sweet parting.

Our Rescue Dog by Lynne Swartzlander – Their compassion led them to adopt Fella, an old, sick and crippled dog. And he taught them much about life.

Conclusion: A varied collection of heart-warming stories, some better than others. A pleasant read.

3.5 out of 5. I like it - a slightly above-average read.

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