Sunday, July 1, 2007

Charm School by Susan Wiggs

Spoilers Alert!

This story follows the Pygmalion – Ugly Duckling storylines. Ryan Calhoun was the captain of a merchant ship, who was forced to take Isadora Peabody onboard.

1. The characterizations of the leads were good. Ryan was authentic as a ship captain who possessed a devilish sense of humour, handsome with long hair to boot. Isadora was tall, awkward, socially inept but terribly intelligent. She underwent a complete transformation onboard the ship, with the help from a bunch of salty sailors.

2. Ryan and Isadora’s chemistry was good. Their exchanges of words were often funny.

3. The story was most entertaining aboard the ship. Once they reached Rio de Janeiro, I felt that too many distraction marred the story. The side plots involving Ryan’s good friend, Journey, and brother, Hunter, were nicely handled and blended well with the main story.

4. I felt that the ending was too rushed and a tad implausible. Ryan was presumed dead, Isadora found out she was pregnant, and Ryan turned up to save the day. Also, the sailors were too nice to be true.

Conclusion: Nice, pleasant read with some heart-tugging parts.

My rating4
Sensuality ratingWarm

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