Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dark Desires by Eve Silver

Category: Romance - Gothic
Series: No

Spoilers Alert!

Wonderful book. Devoured it within one day. This is how a gothic tale should be told.

1. The mood and atmosphere were wonderfully dark, tense and menacing. The description of this Victorian London was so powerfully vivid that I felt I was there. From the wretched side of London – abject poverty, squalor, suffering and danger – to the inside of Damien’s house, the author never loosed her grip on the vivid depiction.

2. The characters were vivid and very well fleshed out, especially Darcie, the heroine. The author used the third-person narration, in Darcie’s point-of-view, hence I knew her every thought and felt her every emotion and she was real to me. She was a worthy heroine and I liked her very much.

3. Damien, the hero - I was besotted with this guy, as Darcie was. Unlike most gothic heroes who had dark hair and eyes, he had shoulder-length golden hair and gray/silver eyes. Place this tall and handsome golden guy against a dark, menacing landscape and he would seem the only thing that was safe and good. He was kind, had good manners and was generous. But…surely there must be another side to him? He fascinated me with his complexity, that hint of Jekyll and Hyde personality.

4. The chemistry between Darcie and Damien. Simply wonderful. The air sizzled whenever they were together. I was convinced of their feelings for each other, and of their HEA.

5. The only thing that I was less pleased with - when Darcie discovered the identity of the killer, she immediately ran off to warn her the dark of night, in the storm, with a killer prowling the streets. Extremely idiotic of her to do that, when she could have easily ask someone to go with her.

Conclusion: Eve Silver is a very talented and perceptive writer, who deserves to be read by more people. To think this was her debut. I truly liked this book.

4.5 out of 5. I really like it. It's fantastic - a keeper. Sensuality: Warm

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